What kind of service do you want to do IT infrastructure?
SNA is unified IT service company, offering traditional hardware and software sales regarding IT infra.
Technical Support
To ensure seamless service for our customer, we provide incident handling and precautionary measures for IT infra 24/7.
Sales Business
Maximize customer satisfaction by proposing and supplying suitable hardware and software for various IT infra.
IT Infra Consulting
"Provides HW (server, storage, network) and SW (DB/WEB/WAS) at a reasonable price for optimal performance upon customer request."

  • Unix Server(IBM, HP, Oracle)
  • X86 Server(Lenovo, HP, Dell, Huawei)
  • Storage(EMC, IBM, HP, Dell, Hitachi)
  • Network(Alcatel, Cisco)

  • System(Server, Storage, Network)
  • Storage
  • Network

We focus on providing superior technical services and parts supply 24/7.
2000 servers, 100,000 parts, 36 engineers
Major Customers
Vendor Partnership